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I have been going this road before and each time I wondering I should walk diving to deep when I can’t swim always escape what could have been

I had my heart out in my hand but you pull me down each time I stand and I’ve try to fly away from you never be alone and love you like I do and so they say that time’s a healer maybe it’s about time that I stood but I find time don’t make it then easier the longer we’re apart

Why is everybody always not afraid to live that life? It seems they have the strength to fail but not the will to try I’d never been like this and I’m not about to start the part of me I miss I found out that we apart.

I going down this road once more and each time don’t know where I should walk When you reach the end, just start again never look back what could have been and now I know that time’s a healer

Maybe it’s about time that I stood but I’ve found time it don’t making it easier who longer we are apart


23.11.06 15:16

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